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Profile pic of CEO Marie Eddy, MS, CSSP, GCDF
I have found my career path. Now let me help you find yours!


In my mid-twenties, I landed a job as a service representative for a temporary employment agency. For the next three years, I spent my days interviewing people, setting them up on jobs, speaking with employers, visiting businesses, and, without realizing it, developing a passion for career counseling. It was during this time that I “wrote” my first lesson: “The Three A’s of Applying for a Job.”

Supporting my as-yet-to-be-recognized career path was my membership in Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) organization. For several years, I facilitated a course offered through BPW entitled Individual Development Program (IDP), which provided participants with education and practice in topics such as networking, negotiation, job interviewing, public speaking, parliamentary procedure (how to run a meeting), and other career development topics.

Then I became a school counselor in 1999. I used my interest in career counseling helping students find a focus on to use their talents.  Can it get any better?

Yes it can! In 2018, I decided I wanted to do more of what I love. I wanted to spend the next chapter of my career story focusing full-time on helping others realize their career goals. You can look me up on LinkedIn if you want my full resume, but here’s what you really need to know about me—I have found my career path and now I want to help you find yours!



Marie Eddy is a Certified Career Services Provider (NCDA), Career Industry Authority (CTL/RWA), and is on the Board of the Women Business Owner's Network (WBON).





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