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My article:

Prepare to Benefit From Quiet Hiring

Remember the Quiet Quitting trend of 2022, where employees stopped working above and beyond what they were being paid for? One of this year’s trends is Quiet Hiring, where employers are saving money by not hiring new people and instead moving responsibilities onto current employees. Everyone, including employers, are trying to recession-proof their finances, and this is one strategy employers are using to do just that.

You can be strategic as well, by preparing in advance for the possibility of being asked to do more. Consider this an opportunity to negotiate. Can you ask for a raise? It is cost-effective to the employer to pay someone more than to hire a new person.

Can you ask for current work to be taken off your plate? Now would be a good time to remind your boss that there are only so many hours in a work day, but be sure to do it in a cooperative manner. Ask your supervisor to advise you on what to prioritize getting done.

If you have returned to the office for some or all your work hours, would you like to negotiate more time working remotely? If you have a demonstrated track record of getting your work done efficiently (which may be why you are being asked to do more), this might be negotiable.

Some people want a new job title that reflects their new responsibilities and indicates career advancement. If you’ve been looking to move up, use this request from your employer as the opportunity to ask for a new job title. Are you an associate? What about senior associate? Are you a project manager? What about Director of Project Operations? You can use Google, LinkedIn, and other online options to find potential job titles.

The most important thing to remember is to remain open and collaborative in your conversations with your employer. It is understandable to feel resentful about being asked to do more. That is why it is critical to be prepared with some counter asks, so you can replace those negative emotions with feeling appreciated and recognized instead.

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