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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are contemplating hiring a career coach to help you with your job search, but aren't yet decided, these answers to commonly asked questions may help.

How does hiring a career coach work?

I want a new career and I do not know where to start.

Can I hire you for a la carte services?
Do you provide career coaching online?

The first step is to schedule a free consult, which is a half-hour Zoom call. During the consult, I find out what job search needs you have, and explain what services would be best for meeting your career goals. Then we meet for Zoom sessions (or in person if you are near Hinesburg, VT) and communicate back-and-forth via email.

One of my favorite services is to help clients connect the dots between what they like to do and the careers that require those skills.

Absolutely! Some of the specific services I provide include prepping people for interviews they already have, helping them optimize their LinkedIn profiles, or creating a resume for them.

Yes. While I am based in Hinesburg, VT, I often work with out-of-state clients, meeting them via Zoom. We communicate back and forth via email throughout the job search process.

Can you help me with career advancement within my current company?

A lot of career planning involves strategizing steps you can take to get promoted, either within your current company or externally. I help clients identify those steps and advise them on how to proceed.

Do you write resumes?

As a career coach, I keep up-to-date on the latest resume trends and incorporate those into the resumes I create for my clients.

Do you help people prepare for virtual interviews.

Virtual interviewing became very common during the pandemic, and many employers are still preferring to use this process, at least for first round interviews. Some companies are even using software that allows applicants to provide a recorded interview. I help my clients present themselves effectively in interviews, whether it's recorded, by Zoom, or in person.

Are career coaches worth it?

When working with a career coach some benefits are: increased job search skills, outside perspective and insight, accountability and feedback. You save a lot of time and frustration by hiring a pro!

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